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The Biking Belles Grand Prix - 2014

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Your bike:
  • Please check your bike is road worthy before joining the ride. Well worth having your bike regularly serviced and try and get into the habit of checking your bike - brakes, etc after every ride.
  • Tyres - must be pumped up and carry a pump with you
  • Gears - check they are working properly and oiled
  • Lock - please carry one with you at all times or else the bikes parked outside the cafe looks like the above photo!
  • Mudguards - we would suggest you have rear mudguards at the very least, to save the rider behind you from getting covered in mud
  • Seat - make sure its at a comfortable position and height
  • Lights - make sure they are working and you have front and back lights
  • Bring with you a puncture repair kit including a spare inner tube or else it could be a long walk home!
  • We ask that all ladies wear a helmet out on our rides
  • Always a good idea to carry a showerproof/waterproof all year round as the weather can change quite quickly
Food and drink:
  • We always stop halfway at a cafe for a cuppa and a slice of cake. However, we suggest you carry a cereal bar, or similar with you at all times, plus a bottle of water.

Please remember to bring the key to your lock with you or else this happens......